The office quotes (part 3).

A.K.A. The best argument ever for not working in an engineering department.
Also see the Who does what table at the end.
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"Guess how much a movie ticket costs in Japan...20 dollars! I mean, who in the world pays 20 dollars to go to a movie? Well, I did, but..."
(Al, June 3rd, 2004).
Alan: "So, has anyone thought of any good names for this project yet?"
Everyone: < blank stare >
Alan: "Well, let me know if you think of any good acronyms or whatever."
Al: "Yeah, just don't ask [Hardware group], otherwise we'll end up with something absurd."
(June 3rd, 2004)
Al: "Yeah, check out the PurpleBoard code."
Ferris: "PurpleBoard? Who picked that name?"
Al: "I did."
(Oct 12, 2004)
Alan: "I'm really bad at video games. When I play video games I never know where I am or in which direction I'm going or where everything is."
Andrew: "Wow, I have that Problem in real life."
(June 4th , 2004).
"I'm trying my best to do nothing about it"
(Ferris, June 4th, 2004)
"I'm a little bit of a... no a big junk collector"
(Harry, June 8th, 2004)
"That's the problem when it's just us at lunch, we stay on topic. We need Alice around to shoot off at random tangents."
(Matt, lunchtime 17th June, 2004)
Andrew: "Hey Alice, is it cold in here? Oh yeah, it is, you're wearing a sweater..."
Alice: "Uh, wait, I'm wearing a sleeveless shirt underneath and besides I have a cold so I'm not a good sample point."
Alan: "I just came back from playing volleyball so I'm not a good sample point either."
Alice: "So have you ever heard of your sample points rebelling and not wanting to be included in the data before?"
(June 2004).
"Let's see....Thursday was an odd-numbered day so they said that they can indeed build our 0201 boards..."
(Bill, July 12, 2004).
"O.K. so we bought another Green Hills compiler, right? But we don't have it yet? Can't we just pretend we got the license and use it anyway?"
(Bill Jul 12, 2004).
Adam: "I figured Seaside would be near the ocean..."
Albert: "Well, Sunnyvale's not always sunny..."
(Jul 13, 2004).
Jane: "Have one of my Birthday cupcakes... Only you've got to save the candle because they're so cute."
Ferris: "That's a candle? I was going to eat it."
(July 15, 2004)
Frank: "Speaking of discontinuities....."
Everyone: ...
Frank: "uh...."
Everyone: ...
Frank: ...
Henry: "Exactly."
(July 19, 2004)
Adam: "It's Tuesday. Everything that's good happens on a Tuesday."
Alice: "Really?"
Adam: "No, I'm just saying that to make you feel better."
(July 20, 2004)
Operations operative 1: "The first option with the flex connector would be best. The second option is not known technology at this point."
Operations operative 2: "To us, that is."
Operations operative 1: "Yes. [pause] At least successfully."
(Jul 26, 2004)
New Zealand team: "Can we flash these units in New Zealand?"
Holden: "The plan is to be able to flash them from a PDA, right?"
Frank: "Not sure. From somewhere, though."
(Jul 26, 2004)
"So, where are we on the 0201 boards? [checks watch] Today is an odd-numbered day..."
(Bill Jul 26, 2004)
"If you guys [operations] weren't with us, we [engineering] think we could build this."
(Name withheld, Jul 26, 2004)
Oliver: "The plastic stuff will be done by the end of the week?"
Mark: "The plastic stuff will be done when we know what we're doing."
(Jul 26, 2004)
"I was going to say something absurd, but you already did."
(Oliver, Jul 26, 2004)
"Oh god. Henry's not in his cube, and he's not in yours!"
(Angus, Jul 26, 2004).
"I'd be apathetic, but I can't be bothered."
(Adam, July 2004)
Mechanical Engineering 101, Lesson#1:
"Aluminum is aluminum, steel is steel."
(29 July 2004, lunch room)
Who does what:
AlgorithumsAl, Alan, Albert, Andrew, Angus, Adam, Alice
Firmware Eng. Frank, Ferris
Hardware Eng. Hugh, Harry, Henry, Holden
Managment Bill, Ben, Bob
Mechanical Eng. Matt, Mark
Operations Oliver
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