Pictures from the USA

One of the first things you learn about the USA is that everything is far bigger there. That includes the holes in the ground.
Some of them are really big.
Not just big as in "Oh that's a big hole I better not fall down there" big. We're talking throw the whole hole scale away and start again type big.
You starting to get the idea?
And once the sun goes down it's a big, windy and cold hole.
At this point I would like to state once and for all that as this photo clearly shows none of my friends are evil.
Just to prove that there is an exception to every rule, some things in America are actually smaller than the versions elsewhere.
Again this is slightly smaller than the real thing but then it would be a bit tricky to put a roof over a full size verion.
Enough of this miniture lark. Back to things being big.



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