Life in a cubefarm

To quote Dilbert:
Dilbert's Mum: "What's it like working in a cube?"
Dilbert: "Imagine the most beautiful place on earth."
DM: "OK."
D: "Now imagine you can never go there because you live in a box."

Welcome to my new cube.

The new cube farm The new cube farm. I'm somewhere over to the right hand side, you can just make out the foam bees that followed me when we moved.
The new cube As you can see the clutter has also followed me. The keyboard and mouse are raised up using any convenient box because right now I'm tending to stand at the desk far more than sit. Which is why I need two chairs obviously. Also sitting on top of the cube walls we have a high quality test fixture, otherwise known as an excuse to play with lego while at work.
The new cube Right now things are even more messy than normal, all those polls have been scavenged in the last few days for some testing I need to do outside. Unfortunatly the Nerf gun has yet to make it back into the office since the move.

And just for tradition here are the pictures of my old cube.

The old cube farm This is the view that greets me every morning, our cube farm. My cube is on the left under that odd thing hanging down. It's a piece of packing material with Andy written on it, it only took me 2 days to notice that someone had put that over my desk. The entry is off the picture to the left, you have to go through the lab to get there.
My old desk My desk. Yes I know there are a lot of icons up on the computer desktop, no I don't normally have it like that. The general clutter on the physical desk is normal.
The old cube This is the work bench in my cube. It gets cleared off when I need to set something up for some testing, the rest of the time things accumulate.
The old cube too And the last side of my cube, the bookshelf at the back. This holds the most important item in the office. A 10 shot automatic Nerf gun in an easily acccesible location.
the old lab Two thirds of our lab, there is one more set of benches to the right. As you can see we keep this area spotless.
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